Going beserk (Beserk.com Review)🌟

Hey my friends! It’s me again. And today I wanted to talk about beserk.com. Now, I had never purchased from this website before but I decided to have a look and see what they had. I ended up purchasing some Sugar Pill lipsticks from them (which I have done a review and swatch test of if you wanna check that out as well) and I would definitely buy from them again. 

I ordered from them on Monday afternoon around 2pm and the items arrived on my doorstep at 11am the next day. Which is INCREDIBLE. I’ve never had post comes so fast, I was honestly amazed. Not only that but when I opened my package, there was a sweet little heart candy inside that they had included which is so adorable if you ask me. 

The website itself states that it is alternative fashion. Which isn’t so much my style but I love their makeup section so I will definitely be back for more makeup products from them! I would recommend them if you’re after some trendy clothes and shoes or really cool makeup. All in all, a fantastic website, really easy to navigate and checkout and amazingly fast postage. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and I’ll be back with more posts soon! Until next time, stay golden🌟


Sickly sweet (Sugar Pill Swatches and First impressions)🌟

Hello my friends! Today I wanna talk about Sugar Pill. I had heard about Sugar Pill before but I had never been able to find a good place to buy it online until this week! I decided that I would get a few different colours that I thought were interesting and that looked cool. So these are the colours I chose; Trinket, Glint, Dark Sided and Anti-Socialite. I fell in LOVE with these colours when I saw them and I’m so glad with the choices I made. 

Now to the swatches! I decided to swatch these on my lips because I wanted to see what they looked like on but also if the colours differed between the tube and actually being applied. But before we get into that, I want to quickly mention the packaging. I don’t think I’ve ever been so in love with the packaging of anything as much as I am with these lipsticks. 

First was Trinket. This colour was beautiful. It’s a very old pink colour with just a hint of sparkle in it which I enjoy. It applied beautifully and didn’t feel sticky. 

Second colour I tried was Glint. Which is a beautiful Gold with glitter throughout it. Again, applied very smoothly which is always a good thing.

Third colour was Dark Sided. Which is this really dark purpley black colour. I’m honestly not sure where I will wear this but I’m obsessed with it.

And lastly, Anti-Socialite. This colour is a beautiful dark red that I feel like will be lovely to wear on an evening out. I was a bit dodgey on the application of this one but the colour is still lovely. 

Overall, I really loved the consistency of these lipsticks, they went on smoothly, the colour payoff was great and they felt nice on the lips. I think that I would for sure get more in the future, there was a couple more colours that too my fancy and I’m really impressed. I hope that you guys enjoyed this review/swatch post and I’ll see you soon for more posts! Until next time, stay golden🌟

They’re real I swear!(Benefit Cosmetics Review)🌟

Hello my lovers! I’ve been a very busy bee this week trying out many products to talk to you about. This is one of them; Benefit’s Real Sexy Steal kit. Now, this kit retails for $42 AUD (which is the cost of the They’re Real Mascara on its own usually) so it’s a hell of a deal. In the kit you get a full size They’re Real mascara, a mini size They’re Real push up liner and a mini size They’re Real remover.

Now I have been testing these over the last couple of days so that I had time to decide what I thought about them.

The They’re Real mascara is probably my favourite out of the three products in this kit. It is very black and coats the lashes well. The only thing I will say is that if you want really voluminous lashes, you have to apply a few coats to achieve that but it’s good as it doesn’t go clumpy. It is a lil bit hard to get off your lashes though. 

The They’re Real push up liner is interesting. The way that it is designed is like a rubber type tip, with a twist bottom that dispenses the product which is like a gel consistency. It applies well but I feel like it will take a little getting used to as I’ve never used anything like it before. 

And lastly, the They’re Real remover. Firstly, I found it interesting that it requires its own remover. I will say that I am super glad that it did because the mascara is really quite hard to get off on it’s own. The remover works the way that it says it does. Which is always a good thing in a product.

Overall, I think these products are great and the kit is great value considering that these products on their own fetch between $30 and $40 AUD. So you’re saving a considerable amount. Until next time, stay golden🌟

Golden eyes, golden skies (An amateur make up tutorial)🌟

Hello, my pals! Today I decided that I would post a picture tutorial for this eye look that I have been in love with recently! My apologies if the photos aren’t as good as they could be, I am currently working on saving for a camera so that I will be able to upload better quality photos for the blog. But without further ado, I will get into this tutorial!

Firstly, I start off with eyebrows. As they say, your eyebrows frame your eyes so it’s important to make sure that they are looking clean and groomed. For my eyebrows, I use this double ended pencil and sponge powder in medium brown.

First I use the pencil end to roughly draw the outline for my eyebrows, giving me a little bit of an idea of where I am going.

Then I continue with the powder sponge side and fill in the area in between the lines that I made to create the guide. I then finish the brows by brushing through with a spooly to soften them as I prefer the more natural brow look personally.

Now we can make a start on the eyes. I like to start off by using this shimmer trio that I got once in a Bella Box. They are quite shimmery and don’t hold a lot of pigment if you are just using a little bit to give a shimmer base to your eyelids.

Next, I used these two orange colours from a palette that I got from eBay quite a while ago.

I placed the darker orange on the outside of my eyelid, continuing it down on the outer half of my lower lash line.

Then I went in with the lighter orange on the inner corner of my eyelid, leaving the middle part blank.

I then used this W7 compact and took the gold colour from the left hand side.

I then packed the gold colour onto the part of my eyelid that I left blank and also continued this colour onto the other half of my lower lash line.

Then I went in with this eyebrow pencil (which I actually use as an eyeliner) to tight line my upper lash line to create a little more darkness and depth to the eyes.

My mascara of choice tonight was the Define-A-Lash waterproof mascara. I usually apply two or three coats of this depending on how dramatic I want my lashes to be. And of course, curling the lashes between the layers.

And there you have it! Golden sunrise eyes to brighten up even the darkest of nights. I hope that you enjoyed this picture tutorial and I hope that you stayed tuned for more of these in the future perhaps! We shall see! Until next time, stay golden🌟

Happy Chappy (Happy Skincare First impression/Review)🌟

Hello again my pals! Hope you’ve all been well! I’m here today to do a first impressions/review of the Happy Skincare Range. This skincare brand is all natural and all certified vegan, which is amazing. Products that are good for the animals, environment and my skin are always a big bonus. 

The packaging is rather minimalistic, which is something that I actually really enjoy. Products that look clean and fresh. I purchased a few different products as I wanted to get a feel for things. The way it goes is as a three-step system. Which for me is positive as I like to have a set routine of products to use but am often too lazy to create routines myself.

 It starts off the trio with the Cloud 9 Cream Cleanser. This Cleanser was surprising. It was quite thick which is something that I’ve not seen before and the scent was very pleasant. When applying to the skin it did feel very creamy (as the name implies) and didn’t lather as I expected it to. When I rinsed with warm water, my skin felt very hydrated as though I had applied a moisturiser but I had actually just cleansed my face.

Second step was the Raindrops on Roses facial toner mist. As the name suggests, it smells of roses which is my favourite flower so it gets instant good points for that.  I just applied a light spritz to my face and gentle pat in with my fingertips. It’s very cooling, I feel it would be nice on a summers day even as a face refresher. 

And the third and final step was the Over The Moon moisturiser. This moisturiser is potentially the lightest I have ever used. It literally felt like someone gently brushing my face with a feather. I only had to use a very small amount of this for it to cover my face which is always positive in my books. 

I also purchased an eye cream which is haven’t used yet but I would imagine that if I am in love with all the other products that I will most likely love that too. I should note that I also got travel sizes of all of these because I find it’s handy to have smaller versions of products if you happen to be going away and don’t want to take a full sized product with you. 

In conclusion, I was pretty impressed with these products. They surprised me in the sense that they were completely different to how I had imagined. They smell great, feel great and are great for all our little animal friends due to being completely natural and vegan. I love it. I hope that you guys liked this first impressions/review and that you stay tuned for more posts soon! Until next time, stay golden🌟

The Real me (Real-U skincare Review)🌟

Hello my friends! It’s me again (obviously) and I’m back today with another skin care review. This time I’m going to be talking about real-U. This is a three step system, kind of like proactive back in the day. For this review I just used the tester versions of the products, they do have other products such as blemish creams and such but I decided to stay with the basics for this review. 

So as mentioned, it’s a three step system. First comes the cleanser. This cleanser is very foamy, it suggests on the package to lather between fingertips before gently massaging in circular motions on you face. I can say right away that it feels very smooth, when rinsing off it didn’t feel like it had stripped away all of the moisture or natural oils from my skin which is a plus for me.

Second comes the face gel. The website says that this face oil helps to control breakouts and improve overall skin health. I used a very small amount of this (around about the size of a sunflower seed) and it was enough to cover my whole face which is nice. It felt very cooling and nice on the skin, didn’t leave any excess oily residue either.

And lastly, the moisturiser. As mentioned on their site, this is meant to be a light weight moisturiser that lets he skin breathe whilst being hydrating for your skin. It did exactly that. Again, only a small amount was required to cover the entire face. Which was great, it felt very nice and didn’t leave my skin feeling like I had a thick layer on my face.

All in all, the products themselves are quite good. I might post an update in a few weeks to see if they are correct in saying that it clears blemishes. The only gripe that I have is the price. I paid $28 AUD for three tiny sample size products, which to me seems a tiny bit steep for samples. I feel like it would be better value for money if I just got the full size versions instead but hey, for the sake of the blog! 

I hope you snoozed this entry and stay tuned for more. Until next time, stay golden🌟

The Lab results are in! (Health Lab Review)🌟

Hi my loves! This week I made a choice to start getting healthier. Not for weight loss in particular but more to train myself to make better choices for my body. I found through the wonderful land of the interwebs a site called Health Lab. Health Lab is a company that makes ready-to-go protein shakes (or smoothies as they call them) and protein energy balls. I decided that I would give them a go! Each of their products comes in a pack. For example I got an 8 pack of their coffee protein smoothie, an 8 pack of the chocolate protein smoothie, a 12 pack of the choc protein balls and a 12 pack of the choc mint protein balls. I have had their choc mint protein balls before so I was confident that I would like the regular chocolate ones as well.

First up, I tried the chocolate protein smoothie. As it mentions on the website, the chocolate smoothie is meant to kick sugar cravings and promote natural fat burning all in just 151 calories. I’m not gonna lie, the taste of this ‘smoothie’ was amazing. Kind of tastes a little bit like a chocolate thick shake but not quite as thick. It was super easy to drink, the bottles are quite little but surprisingly after having one before my night shift at work, I found that i wasn’t nearly as hungry as I would have been usually and that was all I had before I left. Even at the end of my shift I was still not hungry.

Secondly I tried one of the choc mint protein balls. Now these little guys are deceptive. They are medium sized and VERY filling. I had one of these this morning (Wednesday) and I can say that even though they are small, they pack some serious power. I’m very much a fan of grab and go things as I’m often one to either forget to eat something or eat something that’s not good for me (all the fast foods), so I can tell these will be good for when I need something nutritious and quick that I can eat easily on the go.

The next item that I tried was the Coffee protein smoothie. I was a little nervous about this one, mainly because I’m not a massive coffee fan and only drink it on the occasion but I was actually pleasantly surprised. It’s not a super strong coffee taste, I would liken it to a very milky iced coffee flavour. I feel like this would be great for the mornings when I have to be up early for work and don’t have time for breakfast. I would be able to get a little bit of a wake up with this smoothie!

And finally I tried the choc protein ball. This one, as I expected, was pretty much the same as the choc mint but without the minty flavour. Again, quite filling despite its size and tastes pretty yummy. The only thing I would change (and this applies to the choc mint as well) is that they are quite dense and chewy. 

All in all, I feel like these are going to be a great product for me as I enjoy the taste of all of them and they will help me to have something a lil bit healthier when I am on the go. Thanks for tuning in, and until next time, stay golden🌟

Things to do when you’re feeling blue (A ten point guide)🌟

Hello my dear friends, I am back again for another post! And this time, I’m making a list and checking it twice (if you catch my drift)! I was doing some thinking the other day about things I do when I’m sad or just not feeling the good vibes and I decided to make a list for you guys about what to do when you’re feeling blue. Obviously these things can be applied to everyone and some things may work for some and not others but I urge you that if you have sadness related to mental illness that you seek medical help if you aren’t already, I just want all of you to be safe and happy❤️ So without further ado let’s get into it! 

  1. Take a nap. I often find that if I have time, taking a nap just lets me forget about the reasons why I was sad in the first place. 
  2. Make yourself a hot drink. Whether this be a tea or a coffee or a hot chocolate, drinking something warm always makes me feel better.
  3. Run a bath. Put a nice bath bomb or bath salts in there. Something that’s going to be relaxing for you.
  4. Journal. Whenever I’m sad, I write it down. That way I can validate my feelings and figure out how to make it better. Sometimes you can and sometime you can and that’s okay.
  5. Go for a walk or a run. I personally like walking more because I get to take in the surroundings but I’ve found going out for a walk in the fresh air often makes me feel better. 
  6. Clean. I know this sounds silly but I’ve often found that when I’m sad and my mind is cluttered that it helps when I clean and organise something, kind of a metaphor for ‘cleaning’ out my mind and emotions. 
  7. Call someone. Or if you don’t want to talk, text someone. Talking to someone about what’s on your mind often helps! Even if they don’t have any advice, sometimes it’s just nice for someone to listen.
  8. Watch something. Taking your mind off being sad is always useful. Watch a movie, or a TV show that makes you happy!
  9. Similar to 8 but listening to music is also good if you’re feeling sad. Listen to songs that have good memories attached to them.
  10. Have a cry. There’s nothing wrong with have a massive cry. I always find that when I’m sad, even just a little that I will listen to songs that make me sad so I can cry. Crying releases the negative emotions and often you will feel better afterwards.

That’s it for this post! I will be catching you later in the week for a couple of reviews so stay tuned for those. I hope this was helpful to at least someone and until next time, stay golden🌟

Feelin’ on my body-ody (Frank Body Review)🌟

Hey! Listen up gals (and guys!) and everyone and anyone in between, Frank Body products have been giving me some serious lovin’. These coffee based goodies have been working absolute wonders for my skin recently so I thought that I would share the magic! 

Let’s start off with talking about the main attraction; Frank’s magical shimmer scrub. The holo packaging in itself, is a thing of beauty. The scrub itself is exfoliating whilst still being soft. It gives a subtle glowy shimmer that I’m in love with and it smells great! 

Following the magical scrub I used Frank’s body cream. It was smoothing and soothing and smelt great. Since I also shaved the evening I used this, my legs were so soft the next day. A win for me. 
Now the face products. Both the facial scrub and the moisturiser were ah-mazing. A little goes a long long way with these and my skin has never felt so nice. 

The final two products are the lip scrub and balm duo. These, again keeping with the coffee theme were brilliant. The scrub itself was gentle but got the job done and tasted ever so sweet, the balm is quite a thick consistency, I would say similar to a paw paw cream and a little goes a very long way! 

All in all, Frank has got me head over heels obsessed with their products and I will definitely be delving into some of their other scrubs and products very soon! 

Thanks for tuning in! And until next time, stay golden🌟